Knockout City - Five Tips and Tricks You Should Know Before Jumping In

Knockout City looks set to become an incredibly competitive title.

The arena shooter style dodgeball game sees players square up in a range of exciting courts, going head to head trying to score points.

If you’re looking to gain an advantage when you jump in – we’ve got you covered. Here are five Knockout City tips and tricks.

Knockout City – Official Reveal Trailer | PS5, PS4

Knockout City – Official Reveal Trailer | PS5, PS4

1. Fake Out

For me, the Fake Throw is going to become one of the most important skills for players to utilise.

When a player presses the catch button but doesn’t catch the ball, they’re left exposed for a short period of time. This is where the Fake Throw can help.

By using it, you can fool players into pressing the catch button, therefore, leaving them ripe to be hit with the ball.

2. Use the Curve Throw

Like the Fake Throw, the Curve Throw is going to be vital in Knockout City.

It gives players the ability to bend the ball round corners and obstacles, hitting sneaky foes.

It also can mean the ball reaches your opponent at a different time than they’re expecting and therefore, they’re more likely to mistime their catch.

3. Run a Crew

Knockout City is ultra competitive and incredibly skill based, so having a regular crew can certainly help things.

Besides the fact that setting up a Crew within the game will make things much easier, playing with a regular group will allow you to devise tactics and create a really effective playstyle.

4. Utilise the Special Balls

Alongside your regular dodgeball in Knockout City, players have the option to pick up one of a random selection of special balls.

Each of these balls have a unique ability and are sure to give players an advantage in game.

They are a little bit risk/reward though as, more often than not, they’re in slightly more exposed locations.

Provided you run with a strong crew who have your back, you’ll have no problem grabbing them.

5. Know the Maps

Like all good arena shooters, Knockout City has a range of different maps, each with unique layouts designed to keep combat fresh.

Of course, this means that each match is going to be different from the last, so it’s imperative that you learn each map and its points of interest.

That way, when a map is chosen, you’ll know what strategy your opposition is likely to employ and you’ll also be able to communicate more effectively with your team when making callouts on enemy locations.

There you have it, if you utilise these Knockout City tips and tricks, you’ll gain an advantage in no time!

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