Know Your Role: DUST 514 Developer Diary Shows Off Dropsuits and Fittings To Help You Excel On The Battlefield

March 7, 2013

CCP has released a new developer diary video, this time showing off the unique dropsuits and fittings you’ll find in DUST 514.

The video, which you can see below, shows off several suits based on sizes, along with their roles:

  • Small Suit: Scout Role (Gallente Race): Made to engage and disengage in battles and move about the battlefield quickly. Useful for quick tasks and reviving allies behind enemy lines.
  • Medium Suit: Assault Role (Caldari Race): Made for balance, and taking a lot of damage while dishing out the same.
  • Medium: Logistics Role (Minmatar Race): Great for support roles.
  • Large: Heavy Role (Amarr Race): Made to soak up tons of damage and give it right back as the only race that can equip heavy weapons.

For each dropsuit, there is also four tiers: Militia, Standard, Advanced, and Proton. As you unlock skills and increase attributes, you can customize and upgrade your suits even more to have truly unique suits. CCP also encourages specializing, stating that having a suit that does a little of everything won’t get you far, but specializing in a specific role and excelling at that will bring more success.

CCP promises there are more suits on the way. You can play DUST 514 in Beta form right now on the PS3.

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