Knuckle Sandwich Continues to Be Weird; Promises Cool News and Cryptic Videos

Knuckle Sandwich Continues to Be Weird; Promises Cool News and Cryptic Videos

Knuckle Sandwich's Twitter released a promise that "cool news" would be announced next week, alongside a weird, cryptic video to keep us company.

You may recall Knuckle Sandwich as that quirky Earthbound-inspired game that has flown somewhat under the radar during development, or you may not have ever heard of Knuckle Sandwich. Well, don’t worry, because Knuckle Sandwich has heard of you and is ready to weird you out the moment you give it the chance. Don’t believe me? Check out the game’s delightful website.

Regardless of what you know about sandwiches and the knuckles that may or may not be contained within them, the offbeat little indie gem continues development and has recently made an announcement on its Twitter that “cool news” will be coming next week on April 19, 2018. They’ve also left us with a cryptic video of another cryptic video being played on a TV in someone’s living room, which I will spend the next two or three days trying to analyze before giving up and waiting for the Game Theorists to do it for me.

In other Knuckle Sandwich news, developers have released another new song on their Soundcloud composed by Nelward, who has his own quirky style that will no doubt complement that of the game’s. In fact, he has an entire video about apple shampoo, and it’s…actually really, really catchy.

We’ll keep you updated on the cool news promised by Knuckle Sandwich‘s Twitter as it drops next week. In the meantime, all I ask is that someone tell me what the true, hidden meaning behind the video in the tweet is. Am I going to die in seven days? Did I win the lottery? Who knows! I don’t! I’m so confused, and I love it!

Knuckle Sandwich is being developed for PC and Mac but has no definitive release date other than a general 2018, so perhaps this big announcement will be an official release date. Keep an eye out for what developer Andrew Brophy has in store for the game next week.