Knuckle Sandwich Fiercely Channels the Weirdness of Earthbound in New Trailer

Knuckle Sandwich Fiercely Channels the Weirdness of Earthbound in New Trailer

Earthbound and the entire Mother series has left a hell of an impression on the modern indie scene. From Undertale to Citizens of Earth, few other games have been able to match the bizarre nature of the SNES RPG by Shigesato Itoi.

With all of that said, developer Andrew Brophy’s Knuckle Sandwich is taking on the challenge in a big way. The game’s latest trailer (below) focuses on some of the mundane things players will be able to do in Knuckle Sandwich:

From meeting the locals to waiting on line, the game carries an unmistakable vibe — the game (by the trailers) seems to expertly navigate the line between bizzarre and comical.

Knuckle Sandwich is a game about a young man moving out of his family home, only to be stuck in the middle of a town-wide mystery. While the protagonist his filling shifts at the local diner, locals around his home town are very slowly disappearing.

Need more proof? Just check out the selection from Knuckle Sandwich’s amazing soundtrack. If this doesn’t get your nostalgia pumping for Earthbound, I don’t know what will.

According to the game’s websiteKnuckle Sandwich features a ton of nuances that made games like Earthbound popular — including an in-depth story, colorful turn-based battles, branching paths and alternate endings.

Knuckle Sandwich is currently only launching on PC and Mac, and doesn’t have a set release date. Meanwhile, I’ll start crossing my fingers that this game will come out on Nintendo Switch.