Knytt Underground Updates Showcase New Price, New Platforms, New Content, and Free Soundtrack

Knytt Underground Updates Showcase New Price, New Platforms, New Content, and Free Soundtrack

At the end of 2012, an awesome little indie title was released called Knytt Underground (a game that I personally enjoyed so much that I gave it a 9.5 for it’s emphasis on exploration, platforming, and subtle genre satire): now, nearly a year later, creator and developer Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren has even more news for the game, including it’s new permanent price in the PlayStation Store, it’s port to the Wii U, and the new DLC coming to owners of the computer version of the game.

For anyone who hasn’t tried the Knytt series of games on computer and want to start with the PS3 and PS Vita version of Knytt Underground like I did, the PlayStation Store has now permanently lowered the price of the game to $9.99 / €9.99/£7.99, which, along with the Cross Buy feature, allows gamers to get both versions of the game for one price. For anyone who would like to try the game on the Wii U, Knytt Underground will be arriving to the console at the end of this year. The game will be playable on the Wii U at the upcoming Eurogamer Expo in London next week, on September 26th, presented by none other than Nifflas himself.


During the time since Knytt Underground‘s launch, Nifflas has been able to work on the Infinity Hype update, which has now been completed for all PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game, and includes a lot of new content based on the feedback of fans via Reddit: the content includes more quests, rooms and secrets, and can be downloaded from GamersGate, Desura and the Mac App Store. The Infinite Hype update will also be console exclusive to the Wii U version of the game (sorry, fellow PS3 and PS Vita gamers).

Thanks to community support, Knytt Underground has been greenlit on Steam, with Nifflas currently working at enhancing the game with Steamworks support. The game should be released within the upcoming months. To celebrate, the Knytt Underground are giving to fans the Official Knytt Underground Soundtrack (DRM-Free), an album with over 100 traks that can be downloaded for free via the PlayStation Store and BandCamp, as well as Nifflas’ own website.