Koji Nakajima Wants To Make a One Piece Fighting Game

on July 9, 2014 2:03 PM

Koji Nakajima, producer of the One Piece games over at Bandai Namco Games sat down recently and did an interesting interview. Recently we had an interview where Hideo Baba mentions the possibility of Tales of characters being used in Tekken, and we saw Hiroshi Matsuyama hint towards a CC2 remake of FFVII.

Today Koji Nakajima is getting the pirates of the world happy with this answer to a question:

I’ve made lots of One Piece games. Right now, I would like to make a fighting game that puts all of the Devil Fruit abilities and Haki in the spotlight. If I could make a fighting game, I would want it to capture the flashiness of the Devil Fruit abilities like how Admiral Aokiji uses ice and can create it at will.

We’ve seen One Piece take the Dynasty Warriors theme by storm with Pirate Warriors 1, 2, and Unlimited World Red. As fun as these games are, some gamers do agree that it could get pretty stale, and a fighting game (which many fans have been requesting since the days of One Piece: Grand Battle Rush) would mix up the pot and could do very well.

Whatever they do, hopefully we’ll see another interesting One Piece project by Bandai Namco soon.

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