Kojima Productions Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Art and New Merch but No Game Announcements

Kojima Productions Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Art and New Merch but No Game Announcements

Kojima Productions celebrates its 5th anniversary with new merch, art, and a thank you video.

If you were hoping for some news regarding Kojima Productions’ next project, unfortunately, we will be disappointed. We heard in October this year that Hideo Kojima has a brand new game under development and he is looking for talented developers to join his team in Tokyo for a new experience, but as the studio celebrated their 5th anniversary and teased that a host of updates would be imminent via Twitter, no games were announced. What was announced though was a brand new wallpaper representing the studio’s mascot Ludens, a PDF where artist Yoji Shinkawa shares his thoughts on the design and ‘birth’ of Ludens, and also some merch to celebrate the studio’s anniversary.

The Kojima Productions Twitter account told one user that “The updates that we have planned today are purely to celebrate our anniversary and to thank you all for the support that you have given us these past 5 years.” Even though dishearted fans didn’t get to hear about a game announcement, Kojima Productions did put out a video celebrating Hideo Kojima’s reception of the BAFTA fellowship which you can watch below, a video thanking their fans for the support over the last five years and, of course, some rather stylish attire.

Some of the merch included new and official Kojima Productions hoodies and sweatshirts with the iconic logo embroidered on the front. Over on Hideo Kojima’s Twitter account, the director and producer did show off some very fancy and unique handmade sneakers he received from one of the staff to celebrate the studio’s 5th anniversary. The Death Stranding sneakers even incorporated Fragile’s studs at the front and some beautiful designs around the sides. If you’re looking to pick a pair up, unfortunately, these were specially made for Kojima by illustrator and Graphic Designer, Justin Delacuesta. 

Last month, in celebration of the first anniversary of Death Stranding, a fan-made film by YouTuber Raxy featured a nearly minute-and-a-half long video features him in costume as Sam Porter Bridges–the game’s protagonist played by Norman Reedus–exploring various terrain with cargo and BB in tow, alongside a couple of shots of him using the odradek to scout out for BTs. Of course, it’s also set to music that would feel right at home in the game itself. Death Stranding’s PS4 debut was followed by its arrival on PC this past summer, which introduced support for ultrawide monitors, enhanced resolutions and higher frame rates, and a brand new Photo Mode to capture and share in-game screenshots.

Death Stranding is available now on PS4 and PC.