Kojima Productions Denies Gameblog Claims on P.T. and Hideo Kojima's Departure From Konami

Kojima Productions reacted to the incredibly doubtful claims from Gameblog, regarding Metal Gear Solid V, P.T. and Hideo Kojima's breakup with Konami.

Kojima Productions via its Twitter account has officially denied the recent claims from French gaming site Gameblog regarding Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami and the development of P.T.

The statement from Kojima Productions reads that while it usually doesn’t comment on rumors and speculation, the recent article published on Gameblog is categorically false. The statement is signed Jay Boor, who is the Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Kojima Productions.

Long story short, Gameblog stated it spoke with “multiple, different sources who knew about Konami’s plans at the time”, and learned how Hideo Kojima stole budget money from Metal Gear Solid V to make P.T., hence why Konami broke up with him.

The article continued, claiming Hideo Kojima developed P.T. in utmost secrecy with only a handful of colleagues. Moreover, Gameblog claimed the Konami higher ups and nearly everyone at the company were unaware of P.T. Including the fact P.T. was a teaser for the now canceled Silent Hills project with Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus.

The article added that Metal Gear Survive was supposedly initially a DLC idea from Kojima for Metal Gear Solid V, where the players would be fighting Godzilla-like, Kaiju-like monsters. Lastly, the Gameblog article claimed that Hideo Kojima went as far as creating a dummy company for these schemes.

While I’ve been writing on DualShockers since September 2018, I am French and I know Gameblog very well. Since the site’s launch over 12 years ago. While it has been better these days, the site back then was notorious in the French otaku community for its mistakes. Never ever believing Gameblog’s journalists at face-value was a rule many followed. As such, when I first saw this new article on Hideo Kojima, I didn’t believe it one second. And I don’t think you should either. It is surprising, but logical to see Kojima Productions officially comment and deny everything, seeing the gravity of the claims brought up in there.

I would also add that Gameblog is typically the kind of French site who regularly picks Japanese games news and information from English outlets and translate it back into French. My own translations as well, without a source linked in a visible manner. And a quick tour of the site’s main page made me realize the most recent example happened as early as this week. With Tetsuya Nomura’s message regarding Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. As such, I highly doubt anyone in its staff understands Japanese enough to speak with “multiple, different sources who knew about Konami’s plans at the time”.

Hideo Kojima recently denied more rumors regarding P.T. and also revealed a big project he worked on was recently canceled. He also recently shared his wishes to make movies or many different projects.

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Iyane Agossah

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