Kojima Productions' Corporate Director Ken-Ichiro Imaizui Has Reportedly Departed

The corporate director behind Death Stranding has reportedly departed from Kojima Productions.

According to VGC (Video Games Chronicle), sources have informed the outlet that Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi has departed from Kojima Productions. The reasons for his departure are not known.

Ken-Ichiro Imaizui was the corporate director at Kojima Productions and is one of the founding members of the studio. Kojima Productions was founded by Hideo Kojima in 2005, but in 2015 the studio was re-established as an independent studio alongside Konami veterans, including Ken-Ichiro Imaizui.

While at Konami, he had previously worked on every Metal Gear Solid title since Son’s of Liberty which launched in 2001. He’s most known for working as a producer on the Metal Gear Solid titles, but also was in charge of computer graphics for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and worked on Vandal Hearts for the cutscene editing and CGI design.

His most recent work as the corporate director of Death Stranding meant he oversaw all production on the title.

VGC reports that the reason for his departure is unclear, but according to a source, it’s to do with a disagreement with Kojima Productions’ other directors. VGC also notes that Ken-Ichiro Imaizui was notably absent from the Death Stranding world tour which took place before the game launched.

Just before the release of Death Stranding, it was revealed that the studio wished to start making films in the futureDeath Stranding featured a lot of celebrities in the main cast as well as through cameos. The new direction for the studio is still unknown, but I’m sure we’ll hear about it if it does happen. We’ll also keep an eye out for official confirmation regarding the departure and the reasoning behind it.

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