Kojima Productions Goes Anime with the Latest Ludens Figure Reveal

Kojima Productions partnered up with some popular Japanese toy companies to bring a new Ludens figure with anime proportions

Kojima Productions partnered up with popular Japanese figure companies, Kotobukiya and Good Smile Company, to reveal a Ludens figure at this weekend’s Wonder Festival in Japan. This Ludens isn’t Norman Reedus in a space suit however, it’s…an anime waifu?

That’s right, Hideo Kojima revealed on his Twitter last night some of the different variations of the new Ludens design:

The Ludens figure, or Ludens-chan if you will, features similar armor and gear to the original but with some modifications. She seems to not only have the full out space suit like the original but a more “dressed-down” version of the gear in the Figma version of the figure. Of course, you can cover up the anime face with the signature skull mask from the original design as well. With all of these additional attachments, I’m sure these will cost a pretty penny. Though I’m sure all of the figure collectors out there are prepared to spend for this limited figure.

The Kotbukiya version shares some similarities to the Good Smile version, such as adjustable joints for poses. But the Kotobukiya one has a giant spear and slightly more detailed armor. Whether you go Kotobukiya or Good Smile Company on Ludens, you’re sure to get a figure with the top quality both these companies are known for.

No real reason as to why Ludens got the waifu treatment, but we’re all here for it. And no word yet on the official release of these Ludens-chan figures, however. The figure creators could likely announce them at a later date for purchase since both Kotobukiya and Good Smile Company have both sold a Ludens figure before. If this were to come out, this would be a must buy for any Kojima/Ludens fans out there. And being how rare the original Ludens figures were, you won’t want to hesitate on purchasing this time around.

In other Kojima news, we get the Death Stranding cover we didn’t think we needed, with an original PlayStation jewel-case for the upcoming game. It makes me wonder if I’ll need to keep the box for any bosses in the game…

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