Kojima Productions Teasing New Announcement Tomorrow

Kojima Productions Teasing New Announcement Tomorrow

The studio turns five tomorrow and is teasing some "exciting updates".

It’s looking like Hideo Kojima and his Kojima Productions studio is gearing up to announce their next project tomorrow, December 16. Celebrating the studio’s fifth anniversary, the Kojima Productions Twitter account sent out a tweet, warning fans to keep their eyes open for some news tomorrow.

The tweet read:

“Keep an eye out tomorrow on our social channels at 12AM (NYC), 5AM (UK), 6AM (CET) and 2PM (JP) as we’ll be delivering some exciting updates you won’t want to miss!”

It’s likely that Kojima and his team will be announcing what their next project is, something they’ve been hiring for since back in October. The tweet does suggest that there may be multiple announcements/updates, so it looks like it may definitely be worth staying up late/waking up early for.

Rumours have suggested, after his work on the cancelled P.T., that Hideo Kojima may be working on a new horror game. These rumours were only strengthened when horror artist Junji Ito suggested Kojima had been in contact with him saying, “he may have a horror-based game that he may be doing, and so he has invited me to work on that, but there are no details on it yet.”

Kojima may have accidentally teased his new game back in the summer. Eagle-eyed viewers noticed in one of his tweets a piece of concept art that displayed a ship that displayed the word “Bridges” on the side.

It’s likely that whatever the new project may be, that it will feature Norman Reedus in some capacity. The actor has been the protagonist in Kojima’s two most recent projects, P.T. and Death Stranding. Reports from earlier this year suggested that The Walking Dead actor was in talks to star in the studio’s next title, whatever it may be.

Obviously at this point, apart from a brief tweet, we have no more substantial information on what could be shown tomorrow and although evidence is stacking up towards some kind of reveal, this is Kojima, so anything is possible.