Hideo Kojima Accidentally Teases Next Game in a Tweet

Kojima has been busy on Twitter again, and this time he's dropped a hint at his next title, whether he meant to or not

Hideo Kojima, the founder of Kojima Productions and the creator of its lone title, Death Stranding, is very open on social media. If you follow his Twitter account, you’ll see him with other celebrities, some of his meals and his thoughts on movies or games. But sometimes, Kojima overshares, and in one of his latest Tweets, he may have unintentionally revealed the setting of his next game.

The Tweet involved is of some concept art, seemingly done by Kojima Productions Art Director Yoji Shinkawa. It shows a large building, and admittedly, nothing really stands out. It just looks like Kojima is working and enjoying some music. But some eagle-eyed Kojima fans have found more than a snapshot into the game director’s life. The subject of the concept art, a building or ship of some kind, has the word “Bridges” written on it. Fans of Death Stranding may remember that Bridges is the organization that Sam had worked for in Death Stranding.

Obviously, this has set off a wave of speculation. Kojima Productions is obviously working on its next title, but we have no idea what it may be. Kojima’s Twitter recently has been filled with images of him working with Shinkawa, building characters and a brand new story. It’s not even entirely clear if this next title would be a sequel to Death Stranding. The ending of the game is fairly clean-cut, and I have a feeling Kojima doesn’t really want to fuss with it. If this is another Death Stranding title, I could see it being totally separate from the first, sharing only a setting but not much else.

Of course, this is all speculation. We’re totally in the dark on what Kojima is working on until he decides it’s time to announce something. That being said, knowing he’s working on another title with his talented team is enough for me. Until we get more news, fans of Kojima’s work will have to settle with Death Stranding‘s PC launch, slated for July 14. 

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