Become one of Cupid’s Helpers with the Release of Kokurase Episode 2

on November 26, 2016 10:22 AM

It seems that you can’t keep a group dedicated to enacting Cupid’s will down; Degeica Games unveiled the release of Kokurase Episode 2 on Steam via press release. Not only is the latest chapter out but the first one is now free.

As for the game, the story takes place in a Japanese school seemingly overrun with lovebirds. These would-be-couples are in trouble though as shyness and ‘jealousy gangs’ are just a few of the obstacles standing in their way. But the Kokurase group (aka Cupid’s Helpers) are there to fight for true love and overcome any opposition.

This RPG Maker-made visual novel is an award winning indie game by galanti in Japan. Kokurase Episode 2 is currently on sale for $4.25 USD until November 29th. Hopefully there will be enough love to spread around before the release of the next chapter.

Leif Conti-Groome is a staff writer at DualShockers who mainly focuses on indie games and crowdfunding campaigns. He was a contributor to the niche game podcast Total Control and he frequently lends his services to the Torontonian enthusiast group, The Hand Eye Society.