Koloro is Squarely set to Release on Steam with New Trailer

Koloro is Squarely set to Release on Steam with New Trailer

Sköll Studio recently gave quite a push to its whimsical platformer, Koloro, to extend its reach. The game was originally put on Steam Greenlight but whether due to the cancellation of that service or by support by the community, the game now has its own store page.

The title concerns a little girl who gets lost in a ‘poetic world’ along with her sister. It’s your job to navigate this hazardous ethereal place and find your missing sibling. Also you can turn into a box to somehow scale walls and avoid spikes.

Gameplay is a more patient, thought-provoking version of Super Meat Boy. Instead of using twitch like reflexes, you must think out your actions. You can’t change direction when you jump and once you’ve committed to that button press, that’s it.

Other features include:

  • A contrasted and well-thought-out dreamlike graphic style
  • Beautiful hand-drawn scenery with a unique original soundtrack exclusively made for the game, as well as a rich and dynamic background music
  • Highly-developed gameplay, easy to learn, and enjoyable
  • A well-thought-out level design including varied challenging mechanics which require both skills and reflection
  • A scenario based on love, friendship, and imagination
  • More than 200 unique and dangerous levels to explore in 4 different worlds
  • Huge and Fiery Boss
  • Bonuses to collect in order to unlock exclusive content such as alternative endings, artworks, new levels, and music from the original soundtrack
  • A two-players shared-screen mode, with specifically made scenario and level design
  • A hardcore game mode will be available at the end of your first run, specifically made for experienced players

While no release date has been given for Koloro other than ‘soon’ for the Steam version. There’s also no price listed on that site. A free demo of the game is available however through GameJolt if you’d like to try to become one with the box jumps.

The Steam trailer is available below: