Konami Gives More Details on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

By Scott Lipowitz

September 17, 2011

This week, Konami took the opportunity to share some new details and clarify some others on the amazing Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.  The classics in collection, which comes with Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, are each getting a nice set of upgrades.

  • Each game is remastered from the ground up for PS3 and 360
  • Full 1080p Graphics
  • 60 Frames-Per-Second
  • Icons, sounds and fonts all upgraded for HD
  • User interface rebalanced for HD
  • Added trophies for PS3 and achievements for Xbox 360
  • Worldwide matchmaking for multiplayer (though Konami admits this one is tentative)

And specifically for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker:

  • Added right analog stick input and force feedback
  • “TRANSFARRING” – i.e. save data sharing from the PSP version

The remastering of the game looks great and really adds new life to the games.  Personally, I could not be more excited for the collection, and finding out that it will run so clear is excellent news.  I can not wait to replay the amazing boss fights from Metal Gear Solid 3 again.  Not only that, but it has been too long since I’ve played Metal Gear Solid 2.  Konami really seems to have chosen well with their HD Remakes, and the great updates to the various Metal Gear Solid games just get me more excited for the Silent Hill and Zone of the Enders collections.

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