Konami Joins PlayStation Home

Konami Joins PlayStation Home


Konami has announced today that it has arrived with virtual items available for purchase in PlayStation Home. Konami is making its debut with two of its very recognizable franchises in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Contra.

Items available from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow include Gabriel Belmont’s Brotherhood of Light Armor, Cyclone Boots, Combat Cross, and Dark Gauntlet. This all comes just in time for the launch of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow next week.

Items available from the Contra side of things include the iconic blue and red bandanas worn by Lance Bean and Bill Rizer, as well as the famed cargo camo pants and combat boots. Fans can also complete the authentic Contra look and go with the shirtless look or the white tank and gun option. Whatever floats your boat.

Additionally, Konami will be producing living environments for purchase in the coming months giving players the ability to deck out their personal spaces with various Konami themed items to bring some of their favorite franchises into their virtual homes.