Konami New York Office Renamed to Konami Cross Media NY Inc.

Konami New York Office Renamed to Konami Cross Media NY Inc.

Konami's New York City office, which was formerly known as 4K Media, will now go by Konami Cross Media NY Inc.

Ever since the whole Hideo Kojima fiasco in 2015, Konami’s public perception has suffered greatly. That being said, the company has been attempting to refocus itself recently, and will even be releasing several collections of titles from many of their classic series like Contra and Castlevania later this year. To continue this self-described “change and growth,” Konami is actually renaming its New York Office.

Previously, Konami’s office in New York City, New York was called 4K Media Inc. Starting today, it will now go by Konami Cross Media NY Inc., a somewhat more telling name that still doesn’t lock this office exclusively to gaming. That is intentional, as Konami claims that Konami Cross Media NY Inc. was renamed in order “to reflect the company’s evolving, 360-degree approach to managing intellectual property (IP) for some of the world’s most iconic gaming brands.”

The press release revealing this change mentions franchises like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Frogger, Bomberman, and Contra, indicating that these are series that Konami plans on supporting in the future. While the Frogger and Contra IP have been fairly dormant recently, Konami did bring Super Bomberman R to PS4 and Xbox One last year and is releasing Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution for Nintendo Switch later this year.

Of course, if Konami does announce any games or other kinds of media that come from Konami Cross Media NY. Inc., DualShockers will keep you in the loop.