Konami Okays Fan Remake of Original Metal Gear

Konami Okays Fan Remake of Original Metal Gear

A remake of the 1988 Metal Gear is in the works, thanks to modding group Outer Heaven who have received the go ahead from publisher Konami.

While Outer Heaven can’t make money from this remake, Konami has no issues with the group recreating the game, and have asked to be kept updated on the game’s development, the development team said on Mod DB.

A few days ago, we received word from KONAMI that said they were happy for us to go-ahead with out remake of the classic MSX game, METAL GEAR, aslong [sic] as we don’t abuse the copyright issues (ie make a profit from the project/take donations). We were then informed to keep them up to date with any updates and feedback received as and when the game is released.

In addition, Konami has stated that depending on the amount of interest the project gets, they make take “additional steps” in regards to the fan remake.

Often, game creators crack down on fan recreations, with the most famous being Square Enix’s shutdown of Chrono Resurrection.