Konami Pulls Ground Zeroes Trailer

Konami has been sending out requests, asking sites to take down the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes trailer from PAX Prime. The requests comes due a licensing issue with a song used in the trailer. The request doesn’t state which song it is, but it’s quite obviously not Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries. There has been no update from Konami since the original request, not even to state if a new trailer will be out to replace the original.

This doesn’t seem likely; once the trailer became public, circulation of the video caught on quickly. Hopefully Konami gives us something new to gawk at in a short time. I can’t wait for Ground Zeroes, any excuse to see more content is welcome.

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Paul LaCen

I'm a twenty-seven year old video game design student from Sunset Park, Brooklyn. If I'm not working or doing schoolwork, I can typically be found on Xbox Live under the name "Red Ring Ryko". I am thoroughly enamored with video games as a means of interactive expression, and am fully dedicated to bolstering the legitimacy of the medium and its culture.

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