Konami Appoints New Executives and Restructures by Establishing Production Division 3

Konami Appoints New Executives and Restructures by Establishing Production Division 3

Konami announced the appointment of a few new executives and an organizational restructuring to grow its gaming business.

Today Konami announced via press release some new executive appointments and the formation of a new Production Division within its game development structure.

Under Chief Operating Officer Hideki Hayakawa, Production Division 1 Director Sadaaki Kaneyoshi will cover the role of Chief Creative Officer supervising games for mobile, console and PC. Production Division 2 Director Shoji Dewa will be CCO supervising card games.

Yoshihiko Ota will be Corporate Officer as Production Support Division Director and Masato Kubota will have the same rank as Human Resource Department General Manager.

On top of this, a Production Division 3 has been established under the leadership of Koji Kobayashi, who used to be General Manager of Production Department 4 within Production Division 1. Tatsuhiko Yamamoto will be General Manager of Production Department 3 within Production Division 3.  Kenji Nakamura will become General Manager of Production Department 4 within Production Division 1, which was the role previously held by Kobayashi-san.

This restructuring and executive changes were prompted to “respond to the rapid market changes that surround Konami, and to achieve further growth of our digital entertainment business.” For those unfamiliar with Konami, the digital entertainment business is the segment of the company working on games.

At the moment, it’s difficult to gauge the effects of this restructuring, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. In the meanwhile, you can also check out our latest article on Konami’s quarterly financial performance.