Konami Reveals New Character Art for Rocket Knight!

In beautiful 2.5D, Rocket Knight is a sequel to Konami’s classic action adventure series currently in development for Xbox LIVE Arcade, the PlayStation Network, and for PC download via Steam.  Today Konami revealed new character art that is showing much promise and giving identity to this upcoming Next-Gen title.  In the pictures below we see Sparkster has been replaced by Axel Gear in his homeland Zephyrus as the land’s hero (although he looks like more of a natural born villain.)

In Rocket Knight you are Sparkster a noble and heroic opossum up against grave odds but equipped with powerful tools to help you through your journey in your invaded homeland.  Rockets are used, in this expansive new addition to the franchise, to ricochet off walls launching Sparkster through obstacles and enemies in his way as well as drilling through weak walls to seek new passageways.  Other game play details include shooting projectiles from Sparkster’s sword or creating a burst vortex with his rocket pack to repel enemy bombs right back into their face!  As if that wasn’t enough greatness Rocket Knight also will feature online leaderboards so the most dedicated players can show off their high scores and fastest times.  Rocket Knight releases in 2010.

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