Konami’s Metal Gear Solid Pachislot Sparks Rage Among Fans; Gets Over 14,000 Dislikes in Twelve Hours

Konami’s Metal Gear Solid Pachislot Sparks Rage Among Fans; Gets Over 14,000 Dislikes in Twelve Hours

This morning Konami announced a new pachislot machine dedicated to the Metal Gear Solid franchise titled Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, and featuring events from the legendary third game, including some really spiffy remade cutscenes.

Fans did not like it, to put it down kindly: the announcement trailer now features 14,093 dislikes over 94,003 views at the time of the latest update, twelve hours after publishing. Only 464 users decided to express a positive impression on the video.


The dislikes sum up to an overwhelming 15% of the total, which is actually impressive considering that they require direct action from the user, while views are acquired automatically. It’s actually worse than the reaction to the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal trailer, that has higher numbers overall, but is currently sitting at 10.4% of viewers expressing a dislike.

Comments on the trailer are quite brutal, and some of them are better left on YouTube. Let’s just say that a large percentage includes the well known hashtag-expletive-Konami combo.

To be fair, the overwhelming percentage of the comments is from western users, that won’t ever even get to see the machine, let alone play with it, while I did spot a couple of Japanese users trying to explain that pachinko and pachislot are actually pretty popular and a well liked activity locally. That said, there are quite a few negative comments in Japanese as well.

Of course, this isn’t the first time popular franchises have been used to create pachislot machines, and western core gamers never really received this kind of announcements too well. Negative receptions (even if nowhere close to this overwhelming) are often bound to the use of beloved franchises that didn’t get a good actual video game for a long time, like the semi-recent case with Castlevania.

Quite obviously the events between Konami and Hideo Kojima left a sore spot for many. We’ll probably never know what really happened, but the overwhelming reaction shows that the publisher burned a lot of goodwill.

Now all we need is the announcement of a mobile game.