Konami’s NEVERDEAD Released Today

on January 31, 2012 3:00 PM

NEVERDEAD, a Konami title called a “third-person action” game is now out for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

NEVERDEAD follows Bryce Boltzmann, an immortal hero with a tragic past involving the murder of his wife by Astaroth, the Demon King. As a man who has lost everything and has no motivations besides possibly alcohol, he spends his days with his partner Arcadia, fighting demonic hordes in the service of the National Anti-Demon Agency.

Gameplay is rather gruesome, as the player takes advantage of Bryce’s immortality to rip off body parts (your arm becomes and bomb, and your head a scouting tool), become electrocuted to shoot off sparks, and general rip your hero to shreds and put him through all manner of cruel and inhumane torture in order to find out what he can do and kill other people.

NEVERDEAD has more than just a single-player mode, and boasts online co-op and challenge modes. There will also be downloadable content released, including new characters and missions. The M-rated game is currently out for the price of $59.99 where ever games are sold.


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