Korean Horror Game White Day 2: Swan Song Announced for PS4

Korean Horror Game White Day 2: Swan Song Announced for PS4

Cult-classic Korean horror series White Day is returning with a PS4 sequel.

Today, South Korea-based developer Sonnori Corporation announced White Day 2: Swan Song for PS4.

A sequel to 2001’s White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, White Day 2: Swan Song was first announced last year in May as White Day: Swan Song for PlayStation VR.

According to Sonnori Corporation — via Gematsu — the title will retain the same name in English-speaking regions that it has in Korea after it was previously planned to be called The School: Swan Song.

Further, while there is currently no plans for a PC release, it will be compatible with PlayStation VR, but not require the Sony headset to play, aka you can play it with your normal ol’ PS4.

Sonnori Corporation has said that more details and information will be forthcoming after the remake of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School hits PS4 and PC later this month (August 22nd on PC and PS4 on August 24th in Japan, August 25th in Europe, and August 29th in North America). When exactly these details arrived wasn’t divulged however: could be a couple weeks, could be a month or two

If you want, you can view the game’s official teaser website here, as an official synopsis is prepared in English by Sonnori.