Korean Survival-Horror Game The Coma: Cutting Class Getting Remastered for PS4

Korean Survival-Horror Game The Coma: Cutting Class Getting Remastered for PS4

Korean 2D survival-horror game The Coma: Cutting Class is heading to PS4 in a remastered form.

Today, Seoul, South Korea-based developer Devespresso Games announced The Coma: Recut, a remaster of the Korean 2D survival-horror game The Coma: Cutting Class, for PS4.

For those that don’t know: The Coma: Cutting Class released back in 2015 on PC and Mac, garnering a “very positive” Steam User Review ranking. It is notably the debut title from the aforementioned Korean developer Devespresso Games.

The game is set in an abandoned haunted high school, which you will have to make you way through while avoiding the many dangers you will encounter on your way, including your fellow classmates and teachers who have warped into frightening ghosts and who are hunting you down.

The game features a type of run and hide gameplay, where Youngho (the character you play as) must roam the halls of his school, often running and hiding (because as the developer puts it — he isn’t the best athlete) from the terrors he encounters as he tries to figure why he’s trapped in this hellish-version of his school in the first place.

Exploring and navigating the twisted reality of your high school will require you to use maps, notes, and tips from others characters in order to not get lost as you make your way three three connected buildings that form the school.

What additions to the game warrant it as a “remaster” currently aren’t clear. Further, a price-point nor a release date has been divulged. However, the aforementioned is likely $9.99 USD, as that is what the game costs on PC.

Below, you can check out a new trailer which accompanied the announcement: