Korean TV Show Reunites Mother With Deceased Daughter Using VR

Korean TV Show Reunites Mother With Deceased Daughter Using VR

Using VR technology, a Korean TV show has reunited a mother with her deceased 7-year-old daughter and it's a confusing watch.

VR technology is always something I’ve enjoyed using, it’s also a great way to not only enjoy VR games, but educate, as we’ve seen with the sign language community, and travel to different worlds just by putting a headset on. But what about being reunited with your child years after they’ve passed away?

The other week, “Meeting You” a Korean TV special aired an episode in which a mother is reunited with her deceased child who has been created as a 3D model ready for VR. The show, as reported by Kotaku, focused its time on the loss of a family’s loss of their 7-year-old daughter.

As the finale to the show comes about, the mother puts on a HTC Vive Pro VR headset, slips on some touch-sensitive gloves, and stands in front of a green screen. That’s when she’s reunited with her daughter who has been built as a 3D model, capable of interacting with her mother through both animations and speech. The green screen elements are obviously for the purposes of the viewer watching as we watch the mother sit down at a digital bench with her daughter as she eats a meal.

The end of the meeting sees the mother putting her daughter to bed and then watching as a digital, glowing bird flutters off into the sky ending the meeting. You can watch the meeting in the video below.

I’m personally not sure how I feel about this, but I hope that it perhaps helped the mother at least. I just worry about, not only the mentality of the mother after experiencing this, but the fact this touching, weird moment was televised. We certainly do live in a timeline.