Kotobukiya's Figure of Rouna from Shining Hearts Now Available For Pre-Order

Seeing cool figures like this makes me sad that we’ll likely never see these games in the states. As a big fan of the original Shining Force games (even though the games in the Shining series now bear little relation to their roots), I’d rather like to try some of the new ones, but that’s not gonna happen for the same reasons Sega refuses to localize Valkyria Chronicles 3. Oh well.

But you can still experience one of the cool character designs from Shining Hearts through Kotobukiya’s new figure of Rouna from the game. Well, by “cool” I mean “someone took Sakuya from Touhou and gave her cat ears and fishnet stockings”, but it’s still a nice looking figure, good detailing, all that.  It’s currently priced at 6,700 Yen, or about $87.

Pre-order it from AmiAmi.jp here.

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