Kritika Online Receives Major Update Adding Adorable Pets and Bug Fixes; New Trailer

on July 26, 2017 3:30 PM

En Masse Entertainment launched the first major update for Kritika Online titled “Furever Friends”, available now as multiple bundles.

The update includes pet familiars who can join the player in battle and journey with them around town. Additionally, players above level 65 will gain access to new challenges and a redesigned “Arena Mode”, allowing players to up the challenge from 10 – 120 different levels and offering instant rewards.

Next, the publisher has pushed out multiple new bug fixes that have been brought up by players:

  • Binding skills to the 0 key (zero) no longer triggers an error message.
  • Fixed an issue where rendering certain NPCs would crash the game
  • The “First Time Buyer” promotional banner no longer displays after you make your first purchase.
  • Fixed an issue where Kagerfeld badges would change to bind-on-pickup when logging out or switching character

Kritika Online is an online action game where players pick from four different types of characters: Warrior, Gunmage, Rogue, Reaper. The game allows players to play solo or cooperatively while taking on quests and fighting monsters through “fast-paced instanced levels”.

In case you missed it, Kritika Online also received some new summer bathing suit costumes for the characters to beat the heat.

You can check out the Furever Friends trailer below as well as some new screenshots:

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