Kritika Online Receives New Update Adding Pet Evolution System and Class Rebalancing

En Masse Entertainment has updated their action RPG Kritika Online with rebalancing and a new pet store for players to trade in pets.

on March 7, 2018 5:21 PM

En Masse Entertainment launched their March update for their action RPG Kritika Online, available free-to-play now on Steam.

The March update contains a few new systems that center around player’s in-game pets. Evidentally, players can now trade in their duplicate or unwanted pets to a new store named Tokina’s Pet Lab to obtain Pet Coins. Pet Coins can be used to purchase other pets and pet-related items. Furthermore, players can take their favorite pets to the Pet Lab where they can evolve their pet for a price. This will increase the pet’s quality as well as its stats.

Additionally, the update includes a few improvements made to the Arena based on player feedback, something that the developers are paying close attention to. Also, a few boss encounters have received rebalancing, along with the team adding 10 additional floors to allows players to test their skills. Lastly, Void Monk, Berserker and Vampire character classes have all received new balancing to bring them in line with other classes and provide and more balanced playing field.

Kritika Online players can now select from six unique character types—the fierce Warrior, the magical Gunmage, the agile Rogue, the deadly Reaper, the agile Psion or the Monk fighter.

In case you missed it, Kritika Online recently received a trailer for the aforementioned Psion class.

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