Kumanage – Square Enix’s WiiWare Game

Kumanage – Square Enix’s WiiWare Game


Stuffed animals are cute, right? They’re adorable, huggable, and they won’t do anything to piss you off. The fact that they’re so likable is probably the very reason Square Enix decided to incorporate those fluffly bastards in their new game, Kumanage, coming to WiiWare in Japan. The name sounds like something a curse word a samurai would use before hacking his foe in half, but the name literally translates to “Bear Throw,” which might be a bit more preposterous being it has a lot to do with animal cruelty.

If you’re still pondering as to why the hell they would name a game “Bear Throw,” it’s because Square Enix is calling this a “throwing action game,” and it’s set in a picture book world, taking place in an old mansion where, yet again, you’ll be chucking bears across rooms.

At this juncture, you’re probably a tad perplexed, and even if you decide to go to the game’s official website, you’re just going to just bewilder yourself more.

The game has multiple versions, which will be released on WiiWare on June 8th for 1,000 Wii Points. Those of you here in the states who have a thing for abusing cute animals, Andria Sang has noted that the official website for the game does show ESRB rating. “What does this mean, Yaris?” It means that you’ll be kicking the crap out of teddy bears real soon, folks.