Kung-Fu LIVE Announced, Uses Your Body As Main Character! (w/ Screens)

By Jon Ireson

May 17, 2010

Making headlines worldwide today is a company called Virtual Air Guitar Ltd. with the announcement of their upcoming PlayStation title Kung-Fu LIVE. Although the name of their company sounds cool enough to be a game on its own (albeit a simple one) the Helsinki, Finland-based company has spent the past 10 years perfecting its state-of-the-art FreeMotion technology behind the family friendly, Eye and Move-enabled fighting adventure. Kung-Fu LIVE puts players’ bodies in the game directly, enabling them to become the hero.

As specialists in Computer Vision Virtual Air Guitar Ltd. have optimized the tracking of players and removal of background content to the point where players will seamlessly control the game with their own body and see themselves on-screen as the main character (not just in a box in the corner so your online friends can tell you to ‘show them’ things).

It seems likely that this title will not require PS Move as a mandatory prerequisite so if you only plan on only having PS Eye that might not be a problem. Here are some screens showing off Kung-Fu LIVE, please enjoy them responsibly and resist the urge to start samurai kicking people in the face ‘by accident’ in anticipation of the game, save it for when it’s actually released! For more information check out the official Kung-Fu LIVE website and stay tuned to DualShockers for all the latest gaming news and beyond.

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