Documentary-Adventure Game Kursk Receives a New Atmospheric Trailer

Jujubee has released a new eerie trailer for their upcoming PC, PS4, and Xbox One documentary-adventure game Kursk.

Polish developer Jujubee first unveiled Kursk, a game based on the infamous Russian submarine disaster for PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One, a few years ago, but we have heard too much about the title since. That changed today though, as Jujubee released a brand new trailer for the game and revealed when they will be announcing the game’s release date.

Kursk is described by its developers as the “first ever documentary-adventure game” and covers the tragic accident that occurred on the Russian atomic submarine back in 2000. Jujubee is working hard to ensure that the game is as factual as possible so players can truly experience what happened. Michał Stępień, CEO of Jujubee, commented on why Kursk needs to be historically accurate:

“We believe the time has come to tell real stories. In an age in which we compete for the free time of consumers against the entire entertainment industry, including movies and TV series, and when people are less likely to read non-fiction, game producers have an additional obligation. It’s true that games are becoming more complex, offering an incredible audio-visual experience, and allowing us to lose ourselves in a virtual world, but they rarely help us grow.

That is why we want to step outside the self-contained world of video game subject matter and invite players to broaden their knowledge about history or the actual world. We’re convinced that Kursk will be a very attractive title to anyone looking for an ambitious and mature game”

For those of you wondering when you can pick up the game, Kursk still has a vague 2018 release window. That being said, Jujubee has announced that they will reveal Kursk’s release date at Pixel Heaven, an event going on in Warsaw, Poland this June.

You can watch the brand new atmospheric trailer for this documentary-adventure game below. Kursk is currently set to release on PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One sometime this year, but we won’t learn an exact date until June.

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