LA Noire Site Goes Live, Full of Teasers

By John Colaw

January 28, 2011

Rock Star’s LA Noire might be launching in May, but at this point we still barely know anything about the game. That’s going to change in the coming months I’m sure, and it starts now with the launch of the official website for the game. The site will be featuring character dossiers that will surely be full of all kinds of neat viral information, which the internet will solve in about five minutes. The first one is already up on the Coroner, Malcolm Carruthers. If shows like Law & Order or CSI have taught me anything it’s that the coroner is a pretty important person.

You can also find the first of five “desks” you’ll be able to visit, the first one being Homicide. The features on the website are based around the desks that the main character Cole Phelps will work at during the game, so these might give some hints to what happens throughout the game. The site’s already starting to fill up with information and screenshots, and I bet it’s got all kinds of goodies hidden in it somewhere.

Too bad everybody on the internet is Batman. I expect hidden files to be found by lunch time today.

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