Lab Zero Reveals Skullgirls PC Beta Release Window and Slacker Backer Pre-orders, Talks Skullgirls 2

By Kenneth Richardson

May 16, 2013

In the PC beta test for Lab Zero’s Skullgirls, players will be able to go hands on with the first DLC character Squigly and test out the online functionality of the PC version of the game, among other things. Lab Zero has announced that the beta test is set to begin next month – more specifically, around the middle of June. Previously, access to the beta was only granted to fans who donated to the recent fundraiser for the game.

That isn’t the case any longer. If you want access to the PC beta for Skullgirls but you missed out on the Indieagogo fundraiser, you might be interested in the new Slacker Backer pre-orders. In a collaboration with Humble Bundle, Lab Zero has set up this page where fans can donate money to Lab Zero in exchange for various digital goods. A donation of at least $36 will buy you access to the beta, so if you want to get your hands on Squigly before her July release window, you should head on over.

Finally, Lab Zero has stated that by the time they’ve developed and released all of the additional Skullgirls content funded by the fundraiser, publisher Autumn Games will have worked through all of their legal issues and development of a Skullgirls sequel (mentioned as Skullgirls 2) could begin. While the release of the fifth and final DLC character (which will be revealed tonight) seems like it’s very far away, the prospect of a Skullgirls sequel is undeniably exciting.

When you consider that Autumn Games laid off the Skullgirls development team (formerly known as Reverge Labs) less than a year ago, the success that Lab Zero has achieved with Skullgirls is truly inspiring.

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