Ladies and Gents: Here is the PSP2

Ladies and Gents: Here is the PSP2


It’s seems that every single time Sony launches a device lately, it just can’t be kept a secret anymore. Keeping that tradition alive is Sony’s latest “unknown-super-hush-hush” meeting in Tokyo, Japan (now known as Playstation Meeting 2011) that everyone even remotely close to Sony can’t stop tweeting or talking about. Well ladies and gents that meeting is going on right now, and without further adieu i present to you all… The PlayStation Portable 2. Now everyone hit the jump, to check some more pics as well as the specs on this bad boy. Oh and if you purchased a PSP in the last 30 days… you better give it a very good look (and start searching for a receipt).


5″ OLED Screen with 960 x 544 resolution (pretty big)

Dual Analog Sticks (Oh Happy Day)

“The most advanced CPU of in it’s Class” – Kaz Harai (Our guess is definitely a cell processor)

3G and WiFi capability

Uses Proprietary SD-Card like Flash Media for games (Proprietary and Sony go together like Kool-Aid and Sugar)

Shipping this holiday season!

Pics (Courtesy of Engadget)