Lady Dimitrescu Height — How She Compares to Control’s Horrors

Lady Dimitrescu Height — How She Compares to Control’s Horrors

"Lady Dimitrescu Height." It's all anyone can talk about, but how does she stack up to the monstrous horrors you'll run up against in Control?

Lady Dimitrescu Height: It’s all anyone can talk about. She’s absolutely massive and everyone knows it. But just how massive is she? Well, recently Capcom shared her exact height of 9’6″, but how can we best put that into perspective? Fortunately, the team at Remedy Entertainment is helping us out. They just launched Control Ultimate Edition and today shared a new image that shows us how Lady Dimitrescu sizes up to some of their baddies. Check it out.

As you can, while Lady Dimitrescu towers over Control’s star Jesse Faden, she’s dwarfed by some of the game’s baddies. I mean, even Hartman is near twice her size in this comparison chart. Players will remember him from Control’s AWE DLC and from Remedy’s Alan Wake series. In Control, he’s been warped into a monstrous form that Jesse must takedown.

But Hartman is only the start. Just look at the size of The Former. This extradimensional being towers over everyone and we don’t even know how much further down his body goes from what’s cut off here. I still think I’d take Lady Dimitrescu in a fight, but it’s much closer than you might think. Either way, as someone who can’t wait to hop into Resident Evil Village, it’s comforting to know that there are things bigger than Lady D out there.

Resident Evil Village comes to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on May 7. Control Ultimate Edition is out now if you haven’t played through Jesse Faden’s adventure. And, be sure to keep your eyes tuned here for more Lady Dimitrescu Height rumors and reveals.