Langrisser I & II PS4, Switch Remake is Coming West in 2020

Newest PS4, Switch remakes of Langrisser 1 and Langrisser 2 are being localized by NIS America.

NIS America announced it will be bringing Langrisser I & II for PC via Steam, PS4 and Switch in early 2020. The game was released for the same platforms barring Steam on April 18, 2019, in Japan. An announcement trailer was published by NIS America as well and acn be found further below.

Langrisser is an iconic, cult tactical RPG series, most notably because it uses completely different systems than other popular series of the genre such as Fire Emblem. Langrisser I & II are quite popular and already got multiple Japan only remakes in the past after their original release on Megadrive in the early nineties.

This new PS4, Switch remake of Langrisser I & II is fully voiced, and NIS America announced the game will keep its Japanese voiceovers in the west. The remake also includes new story and gameplay elements, such as allowing characters to change back to any class they’ve previously unlocked.

As this remake is aimed at a new generation of players who didn’t play the original series, all the characters were also redesigned by Ryo Nagi, the illustrator of Ar Tonelico and Heavy Object, to name a few of his works. The remake also has band new arrangements of the OSTs, still handled by the series’ composer Noriyuki Iwadare. Lastly, in Japan, the game also came with a Classic Mode DLC which reintroduced the original character illustrations by Satoshi Urushihara, the original graphics, and original OSTs. This DLC, which will probably come west as well, was free in first print copies and for a while after release in Japan.

A demo of the game is also available in Japan, It’s likely the same demo will be coming west ahead of the English release as well.

Lastly, Langrisser I&II had a limited edition and multiple preorder bonuses in Japan, most of which being goods featuring raunchy illustrations as usual. What was quite unusual though is how the most pricey limited edition also included an actually adults only cushion cover of Langrisser character Cherie, illustrated by Satoshi Urushihara. For now, it’s unclear if any of these preorder goods will be coming west.

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