Check Out the First Hour of NIS America’s Lapis x Labyrinth on PS4

Check Out the First Hour of NIS America’s Lapis x Labyrinth on PS4

You can see the entirety of the tutorial and first area of Lapis x Labyrinth in this hour of gameplay from DualShockers.

In a few weeks, NIS America will finally be releasing Lapis x Labyrinth for PS4 and Nintendo Switch in the west. I’m currently hard at work finishing up the game for review at DualShockers, but also wanted to give you all a glimpse at the tutorial and first area of the game. You can check it out for yourself below:

This video encapsulates around 53 minutes of gameplay, showing the entirety of the first level players can experience. That being said, things start off with a simple tutorial that guides players through the basics. The tutorial level does a good job at not only easing players into its mechanics, but also showcasing the flashy, treasure-based extravaganza that Lapis x Labyrinth truly is.

Fans of dungeon crawlers, RPGs, and even beat ’em ups will likely be happy with what the game has to offer at a base level, Lapis x Labyrinth also embellishes the experience with its unique party set up. Players can choose and customize characters for eight different classes, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. These party members are then “stacked” into a tower of four and all work together to lay the beat down on enemies with their special attacks.

If players do well enough, a Fever Mode that nets the most treasure and also packs the screen with a ton of objects. After hitting the required number of switches, players can descend to a lower level of said dungeon and eventually face a boss. Players are then rated on their performance during said mission, which determines how many weapons for characters they can unlock. There is then a whole party load out suite where players can determine what armor and weapons their fearless warriors wield.

If any of this sounds enticing to you, the gameplay video above is definitely worth checking out. Lapis x Labyrinth comes out for PS4 and Nintendo Switch on May 28, 2019.