Lara Croft GO Releases on PS4 and PS Vita with New Trailer

Lara Croft GO Releases on PS4 and PS Vita with New Trailer

Today at PSX, Square Enix Montreal announced that Lara Croft GO is coming out on PS4 and PS Vita later today.

This gives truth to the previous rumors about the game’s release on these systems. Lara Croft GO originally released for iOS and Android in August 2015. The PlayStation 4 and Vita versions include cross-buy and cross-saving.

These versions of Lara Croft GO also include a new story chapter called Mirror of Spirts, which Square Enix Montreal co developed with a Montreal indie studio called KO_OP. Antoine Routon, Lead Engineer and Co-Creative Director at Square Enix Montreal had the following to say about the partnership with KO_OP and releasing the game on additional platforms:

“We’ve partnered with the talented artists at KO_OP to deliver a new Lara Croft GO chapter all while retaining the spirit of the Lara Croft franchise. Extending Lara Croft GO beyond the mobile platforms is a testament to the game’s success and our team is incredibly proud.”

You can watch the launch trailer below. Lara Croft GO will be available later today on PS4 and PS Vita for $9.99.