Large Camelot Unchained Update Outlines What Can Be an Awesome Building System

Large Camelot Unchained Update Outlines What Can Be an Awesome Building System

City State Entertainment promised a sizable update on the building system that will permeate Camelot Unchained, and that update is finally in our greedy grubby hands, in the form of a rather extensive video and three lovely pieces of concept art that you can see at the bottom of this post.

The video, starring Mark Jacobs himself (that I recently interviewed here), explains the foundations of the building system, strarting from how materials can be turned into “cells” and then assembled into buildings of almost any shape (either using blueprints or not) in a quasi-Minecraft-esque system that will grant crafters a lot of freedom in expressing their architectural creativity within a few limits.

It also touches on material transportation, that can create some rather interesting situations in RvR with the need to establish and protect supply lines, and it finally explains how buildings can be burned down or salvaged by the enemy and then possibly restored.

While what we’ve seen so far is just a concept, it definitely has the potential to be one of the best and most flexible building systems seen to this day in a MMORPG. Some may be surprised to see it in a game in which the point is bashing each other’s heads into oblivion, but the possibilities opened in RvR by this kind of feature are almost limitless.

Now all that’s left to do is to turn it into a reality. The project still needs to gather $740,000 on Kickstarter in 11 days. Want to help? You can do so here. Don’t want to? What’s wrong with you?