Larian Studios Gives Us an Update On Their Other Project Divinity: Dragon Commander

on June 3, 2013 4:29 PM

In today’s update, Sven goes around and asks the developers of Larian Studios about the progress they’ve made in the studios’s other pet project, Divinity: Dragon Commander, which is gearing for a release soon (it’s also Sven’s birthday today so that should be some cause for celebration too).

Some of the updates include: the painstaking task of playing through the game and making save states for later testing, progress on the game’s very detailed manual, tweaking the characters’ facial expressions, the characters’ motion capture being checked over for bugs, localization, last minute tweaks to the programming, a thorough check over for unique level designs, script writing and voice recording, AI updates and a lot more.

Dragon Commander is coming along very well and looks to be a polished, well rounded game. I know¬†Larian Studios is really feeling the burn right now, since they’re working on two games. But once Dragon Commander is finally released, the¬† team can fully focus on Divinity: Original Sin.

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