Laser League Leaves Steam Early Access, Coming to PS4/Xbox One

Laser League Leaves Steam Early Access, Coming to PS4/Xbox One

Laser League will end its Steam Early Access status and receive its console release come May 10, additional items for Steam users included.

The arcade-style multiplayer sport title from developers Roll7 and publisher 505 Games, Laser League, will finally leave Steam’s Early Access and release on PS4 and Xbox One on May 10.

There are 6 different classes to choose from, including Blade, Ghost, Shock, Smash, Snipe, and Thief. You can customize your character with over 250 various items. Four stadiums and sixteen maps are also included in Laser League.

The maps vary with their differences in laser patterns, each one being unique from the others. You can battle the other team while dodging the lasers that match their colors,  and make the gameplay even crazier by claiming one of the fifteen power-ups that pop up each match.

The Steam version of Laser League will offer a little more than its console companions on release day. Seven additional maps, two stadiums, two new power-ups and six new modifiers will be available upon purchase. The $1.99 NewMotion Brand DLC will also be available to purchase later in May and includes two new player models, exclusive laser patterns, eight kits, character portraits and emojis.

Want to know more about Laser League and its unique gameplay? Then check out the trailer below. You can also read our hands-on preview.