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Last Chance Qualifier for Capcom Cup 2018 Results: ZJZ Clutches It Out Over Dankadillas

ZJZ defeated Dankadillas in this year's stacked Last Chance Qualifier for the Capcom Cup -- earning him a shot at the Championship title.

Last night, the Last Chance Qualifier took place, giving players a chance at a spot for Capcom Cup 2018. This year’s bracket we saw big contenders such as John Takeuchi, Dogura, and Smug.

This bracket had its share of surprises however with Winners Bracket Top 8 featuring a So Cal native Dankadillas. For those unaware, he’s a Dhalsim player who actually has quick movement with the character. Dankadillas had a dominant performance in the bracket, beating people like Smug and John Takeuchi to Grand Finals.

But the real star of the bracket was ZJZ from Taiwan. ZJZ is actually a top King of Fighters player, winning EVO Japan most recently. Though recently he dove into Street Fighter V and got big attention for his Top 8 appearance at Tokyo Game Show 2018. Punk noticed enough to sponsor him and fly him out to Vegas for the Last Chance Qualifier. And it was definitely worth Punk’s while as ZJZ fought all the way to Grand Finals in Loser’s Bracket against Dankadillas.

The tense match between the two was probably the highlight of the night. We saw Dankadillas actually play Blanka for a counter pick against ZJZ’s Menat. The matchup went quite well even as Dankadillas pulled the first round. However, ZJZ adapted and started winning matches over the Blanka. After a reset, ZJZ took it all 3-1.

And with that ZJZ is set to face Phenom in the Capcom Cup today. You can watch it on Twitch if you want to see everything in action. This is going to be the best of the best going it at it for that $250,000 and that historical title of Capcom Cup champion.

Also happening this weekend is a sale for Street Fighter V‘s DLC as well as a free trial throughout the weekend. If you haven’t already you can pick up Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition for PC and PS4 on Amazon.

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