Last Front: Europe, An iPhone Strategy Game w/ Map Editor!

By Jon Ireson

March 3, 2010

Last Front Europe is an overhead strategy game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  With the ability to create your own content, this World War II hybrid of Real Time Strategy and Tower Defense is sure to engage gamers of all types on the go!  This game looks like serious attention to detail has been given to it and the result should be a lot of fun.  Its the little touches like nationality-based achievements based on the region of your account that show how Last Front: Europe‘s creators sought to use the iPhone to the best of its potential.  Read more for the full scoop and to checkout some gameplay footage.

User Generated Content will be at the forefront of Last Front: Europe, with much ease players can download a virtually endless supply of maps made by other players and join in online matches to play them.  Map codes can even be used, once you know which maps are your favorite, to pull levels up quick and painlessly.  Map creation will take place on Web Browsers, hopefully it will someday be ported to the actual mobiles, either way level editors are still a great addition to any game in my opinion.

Campaign, online, and Battle mode give this game plenty of replay value and content to play through!  And Online players can Level up to unlock new units as well as tactical advantages.  The online community features in this game also seem pretty impressive for the iPhone.  This game is available in the App Store right now.  Check out the video below for more information as well as gameplay footage!

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