Last Man Standing Gets New Update; Adds Spectator Mode, Squad Leaderboards and Much More

Last Man Standing Gets New Update; Adds Spectator Mode, Squad Leaderboards and Much More

Last Man Standing just received a new update that brings spectator mode, squad leaderboards, an armory and much more.

Free Reign Entertainment have released a pretty significant update to their massive battle royale style game, Last Man Standing. The new update brings spectator mode, which many players have been wanting for a while. The update also brings a squad leaderboard and an armory. The armory will allow players to apply skins to guns that will save that skin for that particular gun and then apply it automatically whenever the gun is picked up in game.

Here is a full breakdown of the update, courtesy of Free Reign Entertainment:

  • We have added Asia/Pacific and Russian regions servers.  We expect players from these regions to see significantly smoother play on these servers! They are not region locked and you can still play with your friends on other regions though we don’t expect performance to be as good for you!
  • We’ve also added ping information for regions so you can select your ideal server!
  • Squad Play is no longer in Beta!  Your matches are recorded on the Squad Leaderboards now!
  • Spectator mode has been added for Squad Games so you can cheer on your teammates or help keep them calm while playing!
  • Squad Queue VOIP is now Team Only and you can always hear your squad regardless of range. Other squad players cannot hear your team on VOIP.
  • Squad Queue spawns have been updated to properly distribute teams in areas with enough loot for Squad Play
  • All team members in Duo and Squad games will receive experience as long as they do not leave the match early!
  • Applying Weapon Skins within the Armory will now ‘save’ that skin for that particular gun and automatically apply it when you pick it up in game!
  • We’ve updated the Weapon Stats display screen in the Armory to help you get a better understanding of our weapons!
  • VOIP range during the warmup phase has been reduced to 20 meters in solo queue to cut down on mic spam
  • You can now split stacks of consumable items! Simply drag and drop then press the okay button or spacebar to split the stack and drop it!
  • You can now drag and drop any items from the inventory screen onto the ground instead of just on the ‘drop’ location
  • A new barrier countdown UI display has been added to the top right corner beneath the mini-map
  • You can now swap weapons in the inventory screen by dragging and dropping them on their respective slots
  • The Proving Grounds backpack weight limit bug has been fixed!
  • The main menu friends list has been moved to be part of the Squad Play menu
  • Player Badge now properly updates every 20 levels!
  • Additional tree lines have been added to areas that felt a little too wide open and tough to cross
  • Some rocks have been removed in areas that climbing hills were too tough
  • Barrier audio has been slightly reduced
  • A bug causing the barrier to play two different sounds at the same time when it was moving as been fixed
  • Campsite spawns have been improved with additional gear and weapons
  • A few bugged item spawns on the roofs of cars have been fixed
  • We’ve introduced new audio for the AK12!   Love it, hate it?  Want all the guns to get brand new audio?!  Let us know on the forums!
  • Spectator camera can be a bit choppy sometimes and we are working on smoothing it out
  • Rocks and a few other objects are having particularly grabby collision sometimes when players run by and this is a known issue we are trying to resolve as quickly as possible as we know it sucks to die when stuck!
  • Disconnected from server when trying to load into a game
  • Disconnecting or crashing while playing
  • FPS spikes / Optimization

Last Man Standing is currently available as a free-to-play title on PC via Steam Early Access.