The Last of Us: Part II Might Feature Geoff Keighley as a Giraffe and is Confirmed to be a Musical

The Last of Us: Part II Might Feature Geoff Keighley as a Giraffe and is Confirmed to be a Musical

 The Last of Us: Part 2 will be a musical experience and might feature more giraffes, with Geoff Keighley playing the role of one.

The Last of Us: Part II is due to launch hopefully soon according to the composer, but it appears as if the game is still being worked on, at least in the animal creation phase of development it appears thanks to Tweets from Geoff Keighley publicly submitting an audition. It has also been confirmed that The Last of Us: Part II is to be a musical as stated by the Vice President of Naughty Dog.

On February 6, Geoff Keighley Tweeted what appeared to be a humorous video of himself using the iOS beta allowing him to use his phone’s camera to animate an emoji of choice. He chose to take up the role of a giraffe and showcases his talent for acting as an animated giraffe. He ends the video asking the Vice President of Naughty Dog if he has got the part.

Neil Druckmann did indeed see the video and decided to officially, and publicly respond. However, it wasn’t great news for Keighley as Druckmann confirmed the news that The Last of Us: Part II is actually a musical.

A totally different shift in tone from the previous game. He responded with, “Hmm… you do know this game is a musical, right? Gonna need to see that giraffe belting a tune.”

Keighley didn’t let the news bother him and instead submitted another video, giving Druckmann what he wanted. The video features Keighley as his long-necked giraffe self belting out The One by Backstreet Boys.

Druckmann responded publicly once again to inform Keighley that he has been sent the “wrong sides”, and that “The game takes place in Seattle”. As a result, he’ll need to hear Keighley performing “grunge music”, setting it up to the music scene the State is famed for.

Keighley has not responded to the Tweet since, however, I hope that he lands the part through the dedication alone. Fans of The Last of Us will recall the emotional moment where Joel and Ellie walk through an overgrown area and come across some giraffes.

So The Last of Us: Part II looks as if we’ll be seeing more of the long-necked gentle giants, and in musical form too. I only wonder how Ellie will get away with stealthily moving around enemies while singing about her dilemmas and the state of the world. We might even be lucky enough to see a flash mob at one point.

We’ve already learned that the most complicated and heartwrenching scene has been filmed, as well learning about the “heavy” recording session Ashley Johnson went through.

We’re still waiting on a release date for The Last of Us: Part II, but it is coming exclusively to PS4.

Editor’s Note: This article is clearly a joke and none of it is true even if we wish it were.