Last Of Us Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

Last Of Us Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

Naughty Dog had a big weekend with the VGA trailer for Last of Us shown and the reveal of the game’s release date. To keep the ball rolling, Naughty Dog has announced the bonuses gamers will receive when they pre-order Last of Us.

Gamers will get access to the Sights and Sounds Pack that will include:

  • Official Soundtrack for the game
  • PS3 dynamic theme with game’s cover art
  • Winter Joel and Winter Ellie PSN avatars

Those that pre-order the game from GameStop will also receive the Survival Pack that includes:

  • Bonus multiplayer experience points
  • Melee attack booster for multiplayer
  • Extra in-game cash
  • Special character customization items
  • Two bonus skins for Joel and Ellie to unlock after completion of the single player


That is correct, the game will feature multiplayer though no concrete details on it have been revealed at the moment. Naughty Dog plans to release more information on the game as its release date approaches.

Those waiting for the game have a ton to look forward to and will want to keep an eye out for any information on the game’s multiplayer mode.