Last of Us PS5 Console Looks Like It Came Straight From the Apocalypse

Check out this post-apocalyptic, moss-covered The Last of Us PS5.

Since the PlayStation 5 released in November last year, we’ve seen an influx of talented individuals designing their very own PS5 console. More recently, Kode Abdo aka Boss Logic who has worked with Marvel’s star directors the Russo Brothers, and even Jake Gyllenhaal, crafted a brilliantly creative Spider-Man-Miles Morales PS5 that incorporated the iconic black and red colors into his hypothetical design. If you wanted a solid gold PS5, there’s a market for that too. But coming back down to earth a little, we have a The Last of Us PS5 that looks like it’s been kicked around by a few zombies during the apocalypse but even so, the design actually really works and I think I want one.

Retro Licker, a YouTuber and collector from the UK, has perfectly designed the ultimate post-apocalyptic look of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us by embellishing the console’s faceplate to resemble the world found within the game. For those who have played The Last of Us, you’ll know that bricks and vine-covered items are everywhere you look within its dystopian environments allowing this PS5 console to fit in perfectly. On one side of the moss-obscured system, you’ll see The Last of Us etched in white and on the other side, the important symbol of the Fireflies is seen.

It certainly obtains that weathered look from the game and would be an amazing feature in any Last of Us fan’s home. If only Retro Licker was selling it. If you’d like to see a cinematic short video of the PS5 console looking fabulous within the setting of some trees and leaves, you can check out the clip below. Make sure to give Retro Licker a follow also over on their Instagram and Twitter as who knows what they’ll come up with next.

Rachael Fiddis

Rachael, who is Head of Culture, has been gaming for many years. Some of her favourite video games include The Witcher 3 and The Last of Us but also loves a good indie title. Gaming Culture is where her heart lies and spends many hours sieving through gaming fan art and cosplay displays. Other than gaming, Rachael is a book nerd and music lover.

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