New The Last Remnant Remastered Trailer Showcases Updated Locations

New The Last Remnant Remastered Trailer Showcases Updated Locations

Reacquaint yourself with the fantastic locations from The Last Remnant Remastered as they're crisper than ever before in HD.

In retrospect, I think many would agree that the original The Last Remnant confused many JRPG fans back when it launched in 2008. With The Last Remnant Remastered just around the corner, Square Enix has released a new trailer showcasing the game’s many environments. You can check out the video for yourself down below.

Throughout the trailer, we see the protagonist, Rush Sykes (what a name), traversing through a multitude of locations — each of which is accompanied by its own set of music. It’s hard for me personally to not get Final Fantasy XII vibes from the game’s very familiar setting. Also, it isn’t all too surprising considering the original title was worked on by veterans of the Final Fantasy and SaGa series.

If there’s one thing I can give The Last Remnant, it’s definitely got the type of aesthetic I want to experience in a JRPG on top of a pretty upbeat and adventurous soundtrack. While many found the game’s biggest fault to be in its battle system, we’ll all get the chance to give it another go when the game launches again early next month.

Back in late August, Square Enix announced that The Last Remnant would be delisted from Steam. Meaning the game would be lost to history for those that don’t have an Xbox 360 or never purchased the title on PC. Soon after, Square revealed that the game would be re-released as The Last Remnant Remastered exclusively for PS4 on December 6.