Visual Novel Last Stanza Gets Demo and Trailer, Coming in 2018

Upcoming visual novel title Last Stanza received a trailer highlighting its characters as it promises to be a "poignant story of tragedy and hope".

Sekai Project has released a new trailer for upcoming visual novel Last Stanza, and you can check it out below. Although we don’t get to see much aside from cuts to the different characters, the game promises to be a poignant tale of loss and tragedy set to the backdrop of a looming wintery apocalypse.

In this trailer, we are introduced to some of our main characters: Beatrice, Gregor, Annabel, and Lena. In addition to these four, there will be a total of twelve unique characters and will feature 70,000 words. The game will be a kinetic visual novel, meaning that there will be no choices or alternative paths, but the Steam description does promise to allow players to “revisit past events with a new perspective”.

The setting of Last Stanza is described as such:

It was a day in the last week of December 2009, when I found out that slowly dripping tears had a shivering yet uneasy feeling. The winter turned the air thin and cold, the clouds blocked the sunlight that normally reaches the ground making it feel like the sun was absent.

Days after, I was back on my daily routine, as if nothing had happened, trying to conceal my anger and confusion, slowly regaining control of my thoughts, opening my heart to friends old and new, trying at any cost find a new place for myself.

But it’s in the peaceful moments when the storms settle and the turbulent oceans lose their motions, that any rock can set a chain reaction creating an infinitude of waves, bringing back to the shores of my thoughts the emotions that I had kept away for so long.

The short little description above offers a taste of both the game’s setting and perhaps its writing style. Players will get the opportunity to explore this poignant tale in a wintery apocalypse on PC sometime in 2018. Last Stanza is currently in development with a demo available on Steam right now.

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